Meet the Staff

Sarah Garner

sarah-gardner Position: Financial coordinator.
Duties: Business aspects of practice; accounting, insurance, accounts payable, and receivable.
Family: Two children and four grandchildren.
Leisure: Spending time with family, time at the beach, and Auburn football.
Fun Fact: Worked for Dr. Brown for 18 years
Patient Interaction: I help them with financing and insurance.
Favorite Part Of Job: Working with numbers. Also, seeing the before and after of orthodontic treatment and how pleased patients are with the results of their treatment.
Office Fun: The close relationship of the staff.

Kathy Terry

kathy-terry Position: Appointment coordinator.
Duties: Phones, scheduling appointments, pulling charts.
Family: Married with two sons.
Leisure: Going to movies, going out to eat, walking, and creating memories.
Fun Fact: I worked here for five years, stayed home with my children and then came back and have been here for almost 12 years — almost 17 years total!
Patient Interaction: I welcome them to our office and try to get to know them, all while scheduling their appointments.
Favorite Part Of Job: Meeting new patients every day and getting to know them all.
Office Fun: The staff is a lot of fun to work with. we have a good time with each other and our patients.

Tammy Qualls

tammy-qualls Position: New patient coordinator.
Duties: Seeing new patients and scheduling upcoming appointments.
Family: One daughter.
Leisure: Spending time with my daughter and shopping.
Fun Fact: I love my patients!
Patient Interaction: I make each appointment as fun and exciting as possible.
Favorite Part Of Job: Seeing my patients' end result.
Doctor Report: Dr. Brown's work is magical.
Office Fun: It's fun here.

Kelli Hamby

kelli-ricketts Position: New Patient Coordinator.
Duties: Seeing the new patients and schedule upcoming appointments
Family: I am married.
Leisure: Spending time with my husband and family, Alabama football, scrapbooking, and being outdoors.
Patient Interaction: I like to make every appointment fun. I like to treat every patient as if they are family.
Favorite Part Of Job: I like working with kids and learning something new every day. I like to see the end result and the smile on patients that Dr. Brown makes.

Cathy Nichols

cathy-nicholas Position: Assistant.
Duties: Taking care of our patient smiles.
Family: Husband, son, and one on the way.
Leisure: Reading and enjoying my family.
Fun Fact: I have been with Dr. Brown for almost 18 years.
Patient Interaction: I like learning about them: sports,school, the fun stuff.
Favorite Part Of Job: Seeing our patients' smiles transform. Dr. Brown knows his job.

Kelly Jernigan

kelly-jernigan Position: Assistant.
Duties: Assisting Dr. Brown with patients and ordering.
Family: Husband and one child.
Leisure: Spending time with my family, any sporting events.
Fun Fact: I received a scholarship to Wallace State to play softball and won state that year.
Patient Interaction: I talk with them about school, what kind of sports or activities they are in.
Favorite Part Of Job: Seeing how the patients' teeth change from one appointment to the next.
Office Fun: Our staff is fun to work with, and everyone is friendly and outgoing.

Jennifer Dumas

jennifer-dumas Position: Assistant.
Duties: Assisting the doctor with patients and ordering.
Family: Husband and two children.
Leisure: Spending time with my family and Tennessee football.
Fun Fact: I married my high school sweetheart.
Patient Interaction: I talk to them about what is going on in their lives (school, Band, etc.)
Favorite Part Of Job: Getting to know the patients.
Office Fun: We like to make the office a fun place.

Jessica Holt

jessica-holt Position: Assistant.
Duties: Assisting the doctor with patients' needs.
Family: Husband and two daughters.
Leisure: I like to read, plant flowers, and play with my kids.
Patient Interaction: I like to talk with them and learn about their day and life.
Favorite Part Of Job: My coworkers and working with the patients.
Office Fun: We have a very friendly and outgoing staff.

Sharon Johnson

Position: Lab.
Duties: Making retainers.
Family: Husband and three sons.
Leisure: Soccer and football games.
Fun Fact: I've been here going on 18 years.
Favorite Part Of Job: Making different types of retainers

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